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Security Guard

Security Guard management system
Software developed bespoke


Hedurio is a unique comprehensive information system (ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning) for the management of security agencies. Hedurio immediately and effectively provides an overview of all activities, facilitates to each enterprise comprehensive management of its agenda and in many aspects even surpasses the requirements of security agencies.

Stable Objects

Evidence of stable objects, and ensure correct functioning and implementation of the planned guarding. Personnel management of object, time schedule, monitoring and planning control errands, online entry inspection (additional services for retailers).


Complete enterprise solutions for security agencies and chain stores with a wide range of services such as security of stable objects, payroll system, human resource planning, stock manager, inventory management, monitoring and event planning….


The system can be used to ensure the guarding of buildings, warehouses, property, outdoor areas, people, large open events like festivals, but also clubs and widespread use in the management of inventory in retail chains.

Recent Works

Colours of ostrava

Colours of Ostrava

Security of music festival from the perspective of safety and security of property. Maximum security and control of large areas. Monitoring of buildings, people and public space is managed effectively and transparently with the system Hedurio. 


Chain stores

Management of guards in chain stores. Inspection of incoming goods and its safety features in the stock and in the store. The subsequent evidence and error reporting. Detection faults and defects via Hedurio. Online check of inventory during the shift.



Provision of security services, offering maximum protection of social events, discos and clubs. Control of participants and provide an accompanying management services and meet the safety criteria of the action. All steps are managed by system Hedurio.

Privat property


Managing security management of outdoor buildings, warehouses, production halls and public spaces together with a schedule of routes for individual guards and evidence of the current state and their movements in the object.

Advantages of System Hedurio

  • Short implementation time - client who demands our solutions can start use the HEDURIO the following day
  • Continuous availability of any device connected to the Internet (it means the availability from work and home, from your computer, tablet or mobile phone)
  • Payment only for what you really want to use - differentiation of the price list by demand for support and according to a desired disk space
  • Reduce costs and demands on the IT department - operations and support is fully guaranteed by supplier of software
  • The costs of ICT are regularly spaced in time - transparent pricing policy

Hedurio was created by the need to streamline the management of human resources and increase business potential through human capital. Hedurio saves time and money.

Jiří Kubica, CEO


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