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Let us introduce another module of Hedurio. Hedurio is an unique online information system of its own kind available from any device. Hedurio immediately and effectively provides an overview of all activities, facilitates to each enterprise comprehensive management of its agenda and in many aspects even surpasses the requirements of security agencies.

Hedurio consists of several modules. Now we introduce the module GATEHOUSE. Function GATEHOUSE is based on the principle gatehouse to control entry and departure supplier of goods to the warehouse. All registration is done electronically.

How does it work records?

The driver through smart card (card number) announces doorman at the check its arrival to the warehouse and again via the smart card will record the time of departure. It serves mainly to record the time of arrival / departure. By means of photographs, you can send the delivered goods to the application for your records and proper receipt and dispatch of goods. Each entry vehicle is registered under the card number and license plate number of the vehicle that delivered the goods. Record is created. Which person carried out the inspection at the entrance. It recorded time of entry and departure time.