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Why was Hedurio established?

Hedurio was created from the need to streamline the process of managing human resources and bring online document management solution to the market of security agencies. Nowadays, successful businesses can increase its value through the effective management of human resources. Business potential can be effectively influenced by correct and timely management.

Hedurio is an unique online information system of its kind. System is provided to end users by cloud solution (on basis SaaS) which ensure maximum system availability from anywhere and anytime. The list of basic functions of the system include comprehensive planning of stable objects (chain stores, warehouses, product halls, etc..) and open events (such as festivals and other public events). As part of this planning is to ensure comprehensive monitoring of buildings and guards in the field via system Hedurio. Guard control in the field is ensured by QR codes that are read by passing each checkpoint via smartphone or tablet which has each guard. 

Our product is primarily focused on the market of security agencies and use just in this segment of the market. However, Hedurio is also used in chain stores for monitoring the status of goods in stock and on the store and the subsequent comparison with the state of sold goods. By this function is ensured immediate online check whether during the shift was detected theft or loss of inventory. 

The third and currently very current usability is use the system Hedurio in new ticketing system for the football club Banik Ostrava. Was created a database of registered fans and their records. The aim is to link the static images of fans with video in the stadium and immediate detection of people with inappropriate behavior on the stadion.

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Complete overview of payroll

Easy to use and well-arranged payroll system. List of rewards, sanctions and payments that are easily traceable by a preset filters and everything is easy convertible to the PDF format or for a print. There is also a list of worked hours by individual employees. Payroll system also serves as a simple basis for creating accounting records.

This function ensures a high level of clarity and enable easy finding all the necessary data that are needed for accounting department and management. Your company's finances are under control thanks to Hedurio.

Warehouse management

Monitoring of inputs and outputs of the warehouse. A comprehensive online list of your suppliers, materials, borrowing and list of transactions into/from the warehouse. To keep track of goods condition is necessary to have constantly under control the status of your stocks, which eliminating the possible costs associated with holding inefficient stocks. The system simply displays movement of your goods/supplies including the time in which left the warehouse.

Thanks to human resource management is available function to permit or refusal entry the warehouse and grant gives access only selected employees.


Staff monitoring and event planning

Allocating staff to various events at which they will secure their course. All their movements are monitored through QR codes that are loaded on smartphones and tablets. This method of control gives you total control over where workers are at the moment and to what extent do their work well. Along with this function is ensured controlling workplace and staff registration. There is a current schedule where you can cleverly planning all the events.

Employee is immediately inserted into the system Hedurio just after retrieving QR code. The best tool for manage human resources.

Stable objects and electronic documentation

The Hedurio helps you plan the security of stable objects. Within this segment, was recently put into operation a complementary service for chain stores, which consists in online check of goods and its quality. It is a service which is used by retail chains during checking the perfect condition of goods right in the store. This control is done online and any defects are immediately sent via e-mail to executive who performs an immediate remedy of the situation. This transition to computerization of documents is evaluated very positively by the users, mainly due to the speed of discovery defects and subsequent immediate rectification the situation.

Stable objects

Modules implementation

All offered modules are part of a comprehensive package. There's also possibility to provide an implementation bespoke. Can be judged individually according to the specific needs of each user. An actual process of implementation is based on hosting the application service by provider. Software is offered to customers via internet, thus it is not necessary to install any program locally to your computer. To start, you only need the access to the internet. The biggest advantage of this model is reducing costs of software. Other benefits include continuous improvement of the software and customer support by provider.